Returnable Containers
Returnable Shipping Containers
Series SA

An SA box is one which stacks on itself by means of a stacking top rim. Used for repetitive shipping/Just-In-Time delivery, or  in-house storage and handling.



  • Saves floor space by stacking "UP".
  • Locking-stack for safe transporting.
  • Box bottom never touches contents in box below.
  • Long life: 50 to 100 round trips.
Food Processing and Distribution Containers
NestPac ContainersNestPac


  • Great for shipping case-ready meat, poultry and prepared produce.
  • Stack, nest and cross-stack 5 per layer on 48" x 40" pallets.
  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable lifting.
  • Smooth interiors for easy cleaning.
  • Available with or without drain hole bottoms.

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